Westpac extends support until year 2020

Westpac logo.png

On  28 June 2018 Head Start Homes entered a landmark agreement with Westpac which provides ongoing support until 2020. 

 "These commitments are a significant contribution to the establishment of this unique social enterprise. Westpac’s support will enable us to accelerate our work to establish this unique charitable endeavour and to empower people living in community housing to ‘open doors’ to better lives. The Board recognises Westpac’s generous contributions as clear example of the corporation living its values. This will go a long way toward “helping your customers, communities and people to prosper and grow.” said Graham Brown, Head Start Homes, Chair

Westpac's ongoing support includes the provision of:  

  • Stephen Woodlands (HSH Founder) as a Secondee to Head Start Homes until July 2020 and 
  • Financial assistance to help cover Head Start Home's operating expenses. 

Under the terms of the agreement Stephen is independent of Westpac and reports directly to the Head Start Homes Board.   

A special thanks to George Frazis, Chief Executive of Westpac's Consumer Bank, for supporting and believing in Head Start's Mission and Vision from the beginning.