We are currently recruiting team members for our very first City2Surf fun run!

Taking place in Sydney on Sunday, August 11, the course stretches 14km starting from Hyde park in Sydney’s CBD and ending at the iconic Bondi Beach. You can stroll or sprint… everyone is welcome :)

By contributing towards our fundraising goal of $10,000, together we’ll be able to support our very first Head Start Homes family out of community housing and into their own home. This will free the way for a family currently experiencing homelessness to gain a safe and secure social housing home. All donations to our work will achieve this multiplier impact of reducing poverty and homelessness.

  1. Please follow this link to join the team and create your own unique fundraising page.

  2. Share your page with friends, family & colleagues. We know that together, with people-power, we’ll be able to make a lasting difference.

  3. Don’t forget to register yourself in the event at www.city2surf.com.au and select Head Start Homes as your team. You do not need to select a charity in the registration process (HSH is not listed there - simply use your unique page from Step 1 above to complete all fundraising).

We can’t wait to see you on Sunday, August 11! If there’s anything we can do to help your personal fundraising efforts please get in touch by emailing contact@headstarthomes.org.au or calling Ph 0416 196 912.

Go team!


Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I complete my event registration? Are there entry fees?

In addition to creating a personal fundraising page (by clicking the big 'JOIN' button above) you also need to register to participate with City2Surf. To do this, visit https://www.city2surf.com.au and select Head Start Homes as your team.

You do not need to select a charity in the registration process (Head Start Homes is not listed there - simply use your personal funraising page to collect all donations).

You will not be prompted for payment during this initial registration process. If you raise over $500 - Head Start Homes can completely cover your registration fee. If you don't reach $500 you will be prompted to pay your registration fee after the event. Register by July 23 to lock in an entry price of $78. Afer July 23 the entry fee will be $88.

+ Can anyone join the team?

Yes! Everyone is welcome - invite your friends or family to join you.

+ 14km is a long way - do I have to run?

Most of the team will be walking together on the day, starting in the 'Orange Start Back of the Pack' race group at 9.35am. No need to run or jog at all. Those who have chosen to run the course will start in earlier 'Blue runners' or 'Yellow joggers' race groups at 8.30am or 9.10am respectively.

+ How do I order my team T-Shirt?

Email your requested size to team@headstarthomes.org.au by Friday July 26. T-shirts are polyester (not cotton) to keep you cool, dry & comfortable for the day. Available sizes are:

Male: S / M / L / XL / XX / 3X

Female: 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 18

We'd so appreciate all team members making a contribution to their own fundraising page to help cover the costs of these.

+ When do I get my racing bib?

There are two options:

  1. Head Start Homes can pick up your racing bib from the CIty2Surf Expo and give it to you on the morning of the race, Sunday Aug 11 between 8.30am - 9.15am (location to be confirmed via email).
  2. You can pick up your own racing bib from City2Surf. This can be done at the City2Surf Expo at the ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour, Hall 7, Upper Floor (Level 4) on either: Thursday Aug 8 (1pm - 7pm); Friday August 9 (7.30am - 6.30pm); Saturday August 10 (8am - 4pm)

You will need to have your racing bib to participate on the day.

+ When & where do we meet on the day?

To make sure we can find all team members on the day, we'll be meeting at a nearby location from 8.30am to distribute team T-shirts, racing bibs, and to grab a team photo all together. The location will be sent to your inbox before race day.

+ I hear there are prizes - tell me more!

With thanks to our corporate sponsors, all Head Start Homes team members who raise over $1,000 will receive a small gift in acknowledgement of their efforts. PLUS - City2Surf is offering various prizes to placegetters - more info at https://city2surf.com.au/prizes

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