Your home is where our heart is.

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Our vision: is for a safe and stable home for everyone, with fair and practical pathways into home ownership.

We believe in compassion for those in need, fairness and equality to opportunity regardless of one’s wealth.

We exist to provide hope and end homelessness and poverty.

We do this by increasing the supply of social and affordable housing by empowering community housing tenants to pursue their desired pathway into home ownership.

The problem: Today, there over 115,000 people who are currently homeless and over 194,000 households in Australia on the social housing wait-list resulting in families having to wait for up to 10 years or more to be allocated to desperately needed stable housing. Find out more

Our solution is the Head Start Guarantee which is a world leading innovative solution whereby Head Start Homes provides a pathway into home ownership by acting as guarantor for community housing tenants.

Our solution always helps 2 households at once which has a multiplier effect for ending poverty. We help:

  1. the community housing tenant who needs to overcome structural disadvantage to purchase a home

  2. the family or individual on an approved waiting list who is likely to be homeless and moves into the newly vacated community housing home.




We are proud to be supported by over 50 organisations including some of Australia’s largest charities and corporations. Here is what some of them have to say: