Annual Report 2017-2018

A year of inspiration & growth

This has been a truly remarkable year for Head Start Homes, exceeding all expectations. Underpinning our achievements lays a remarkable volunteer, partner and supporter network which is by far our most valuable asset. Karen Walsh, Chair

We are proud to share with you recent achievements as we work together towards fair housing solutions for all Australians.

As we draw nearer to implementing our 2019 Pilot Program in NSW, we’d like to thank the generosity of all who have contributed to date.

More than ever, housing solutions are needed for Australians who are on low incomes, those who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness, and those who have had to face personal crises and structural disadvantage, often with young children in tow.

We invite you to read through our latest report that highlights the voice of those who have experienced homelessness and social housing, and takes a look at some of the latest research regarding Australia’s housing crisis.


  • We crystallise our purpose , vision and values.

  • We outline why our offering is truly unique and how it has a multiplier effect for ending homelessness and poverty.

  • We highlight the incredible support given across sectors by charities, businesses and individuals.

  • We provide some detailed analysis on the housing crisis and share the perspective of those who have experienced homelessness.

  • We value the in-kind support Head Start Homes has received to date being $544,450.

I can see the potential of the Head Start Homes vision to make a real different to the people who are homeless or who dream of home ownership as I did

Karen Walsh, Chair

We are proud to benefit from the support of over 50 Australian Charities and businesses (big and small) with whom we have built a co-creative environment to help promote a fairer Australia -

Stephen Woodlands, Founder

To date we have well over 100 specialist volunteers who donate their time because they want to make a difference and make the world a better place. I find it heartening that we line in a wold whereby doing good leads to happiness and I consider myself blessed to be surrounded by so many warm hearted advocates.

Stephen Woodlands, Founder