Founder's update - July 2018


Today we proudly shared our first newsletter. The theme of the newsletter is "homes build us". We chose this theme to help illuminate that the home is so much more than simply bricks and mortar, it is the place where you learn to love, eat and grow. In essence the home provides a foundation for us to build happy and fulfilled lives.

Sadly, right now countless people living in Australia , do not have the privilege of having a stable home. Whether they be couch surfing, living rough on the streets or fleeing domestic violence we at Head Start Homes are committed to work passionately and tirelessly to bring about our vision of a safe and stable home for everyone with fair and practical pathways into home ownership.

We are really excited to be able to share some of our achievements so far this year. When we stop to think about the driving force behind our achievements it all comes down to hope and heart. Hope that we can create a better world together and then having the heart to bring about meaningful change. On behalf of the Head Start team I sincerely thank you for your amazing support and for having hope and heart in helping us to make magic happen.

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