Head Start Homes celebrates its first Annual General Meeting

On Thursday, 31 January 2019 Head Start Homes held its first Annual General Meeting in Sydney and also video linked into Adelaide.

Thanks to our Members, Directors, volunteers and supporters for making it such a special night. We were proud to celebrate our achievements and discuss how our unique solution will help to achieve our vision of an Australia where everyone has access to a safe and stable home with fair and practical pathways into home ownership. Head Start Homes is all about heart and it was so great to see so many hearts shining on the night.

At the meeting Head Start Homes’ Chair Karen Walsh, welcomed guests and spoke of our “fantastic year of achievement:

“Results like these don’t come about by accident, it’s down to the collaborations, the passion, working to purpose and re-imagining the possibilities to achieve our vision. For a social start up, it’s also been about overcoming challenges and hurdles and turning them into solutions and for making the impossible possible”.

Karen also thanked the Board, supporters, members, volunteers and corporate sponsors for their expertise, support and good will:

Head Start Homes couldn’t have done this without you”  

Stephen Woodlands, Head Start Homes Founder, also thanked the wonderful support being provided by more than 100 specialist volunteers who donate their time because they want to make a difference and make the world a better place:

“I find it truly heartening that we live in a world whereby doing good leads to happiness and I consider myself blessed to be surrounded by so many warm hearted and inspiring advocates”.

Stephen praised the support Head Start Homes is receiving from over 50 Australian charities and corporations (big and small) with whom we have built a co-creative environment to help promote a fairer Australia.

During his address, Stephen presented the 5 unique ways our solution helps to end poverty and homelessness highlighting that innovation comes naturally to Head Start Homes because it is founded by those who have experienced homelessness and also lived in social housing:

“Head Start Homes is truly special because we are a pure grassroots charitable organisation with direct leadership and input from those whose have lived in social housing and have also experienced homelessness. We cherish the fact that we are unique because it enables us to think outside the box and thus has helped us to create world-leading, innovative solutions to help solve Australia’s housing crisis”.

A special thanks to St.George and BankSA for hosting the evening.


Stephen WoodlandsComment