Extreme wait-times for those in need of secure housing

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This week while meeting with our Community Housing Partners who work in the Port Macquarie region, we heard that the waiting time for vulnerable families to access a community housing home has now extended to 20 years in this area. 

T.W.E.N.T.Y Y.E.A.R.S 💔

This is one reason why we are so passionate about delivering a sustainable solution to free up more community housing homes, removing the risk of homelessness from families who right now have very few options for safe housing.

The current crisis in Australia’s housing system must be addressed. Community housing provides a critical support for families in need; removing the risk of homelessness and providing a secure and safe home. Stable housing results in reduced stress and anxiety, an improved sense of belonging and community engagement, and the ability to progress other aspects of life.

According to a study of social housing tenants by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 55% of almost 10,000 social housing tenants interviewed stated that living in social housing allowed them to commence or continue their education (2011, Nation Social Housing Survey: A summary of national results).

In order to strengthen our community and protect vulnerable households from the detrimental impacts of homelessness and housing insecurity, the log-jam in our social housing system must be addressed. Feasible pathways out of community housing must be established for households with secure employment, so that more vacancies are available to those who need it most.

The solution offered through Head Start Homes specifically targets this bottleneck; representing an important contribution towards solving our current housing crisis.

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