Minister Gareth Ward lends his support to Head Start Homes

Gareth Ward, the Minister for Family Affairs and Disability Services, recently spent time with Head Start Homes Founder Stephen Woodlands to discuss how Head Start Homes breaks down barriers so that every Australian can access a safe and stable home.

We so appreciate his time, and are encouraged by the support that exists among many of our politicians to deliver meaningful solutions to those currently experiencing or at risk of homelessness and insecure housing. We particularly appreciate Minister Ward’s advocacy for addressing homelessness in regional areas of Australia.

The journey of those facing homelessness is difficult in any part of Australia, but those within regional areas typically have access to even less support services than those in major cities. Our Community Housing Partners who work in the Port Macquarie region just recently shared that vulnerable families now have to wait up to 20 years to access a community housing home. The detrimental impacts of insecure housing and/or homelessness over this length of time are unimaginable.

Thank you Minister for your support - we look forward to an ongoing conversation about how to best meet the needs of Australians facing homelessness.